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Evil Fairies

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In a Scottish tale of how fairies came to be..and it goes something like this. When God was making the world, there were many beings made before peoplekind. Some like a few of the angels wanted to follow Lucifer and make their home elsewhere. They burst out of heaven, leaving the gates ajar. The fury of this sucked some others out who didn't mean to leave. God became aware of this and sealed the gates shut again stating "Let those who are out..stay out and those who are in..stay in!" The rebellious angels made their home in hell, but the beings who had been forced out involuntarily were left to live on Earth and these became the Fairy Folk.

Cool Fairy Facts

* Fairies are not just elementals. Those beings can only work with the element they are attached to whether it be earth, wind, fire or water. Fairies can work with them all.
* Fairies have been known by different names in different cultures. The French call them faer-ee. The ancient Greeks and Romans called them fates, faes or fays. In Arabic countries they are the djinn (genies). In Scotland they fell into two groups - the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court. The members being called the sith. (pronounced shee) and in Ireland the name was similar the sidhe (also pronounced shee). And the Europeans, not wanting to offend them referred to them as the Gentry, the Gentle Folk, the Good Folk, the Fair Folk or the Ancient Ones.

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Evil Fairies

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