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Fairies exist in most cultures and they stories may vary but the essence is the same. They see humans as 'breaker of promises' to do their part in keeping the Earth safe and healthy. They are tricksters and can cause a lot of problems for those they see as particularly offensive.

They live secretly among us and you can win their favour by doing things like leaving them a little of your first harvest of whatever grows in your garden. Just be sure to not leave they hate that and will be very angry.

Cool Fairy Facts

* Fairies are not just elementals. Those beings can only work with the element they are attached to whether it be earth, wind, fire or water. Fairies can work with them all.
* Fairies have been known by different names in different cultures. The French call them faer-ee. The ancient Greeks and Romans called them fates, faes or fays. In Arabic countries they are the djinn (genies). In Scotland they fell into two groups - the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court. The members being called the sith. (pronounced shee) and in Ireland the name was similar the sidhe (also pronounced shee). And the Europeans, not wanting to offend them referred to them as the Gentry, the Gentle Folk, the Good Folk, the Fair Folk or the Ancient Ones.

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Fairy Coloring Pages

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