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Fairy Moons And Star Tattoos

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It is said that the Fairy live in Fairyland, Fairy Home or the astral plane, a place that is both within and outside of the realm we as humans know. It is also the transitional plane of ghosts. Fairies have been believed in and existed in some form since the dawn of humankind. Often they are seen as elemental energies, seasonal help to the dieties, nature spirits or even demigods. Even today's science has acknowledge the existence of 'multiverses' and will come to have to accept this plane and their inhabitants.

Cool Fairy Facts

* Fairies are much more than elemental beings. They have personality,individuality, feelings and rights, just like us.
* Fairies have the ability to be seen or not by altering their vibrational rate. They learned eons ago that humans can't be trusted so now choose who to show themselves too or not..and still go about their Earthly duties.

Lady Ellen - author of this website, is also the author of "The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles"...Which answers the question..What To Read After Harry Potter?

The books are filled with mythology, tarot, fantasy, fairy folk and all kinds of magic from Arthurian, Egyptian, Asian, Native American and European..what fun!

The first of nine books "Persephane Pendrake and the Cimaruta" is available at her publisher and Amazon Visit her book site at Lady Ellen

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Fairy Moons And Star Tattoos

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